Saturday, May 29, 2010

Martin County Community Garden- Rotary Club Garden

Friday May 28th 2010
Chera and I had a meeting with the Rotary Club Garden Committee to discuss plans for the garden for next year. We spoke about creating our action plan and making sure everybody is on the same page about the wants and needs of the garden. The idea was brought up to speak to people who have lots this season and tell them about the changes we are planning to make for next season so that it will not be a huge shock next year when things have been changed.
Chera and I were also given the awesome opportunity to go and see the garden! It is amazing! Many of the lots are already growing many different kinds of vegetables. We were even able to speak to some of the gardeners who were out there when we were there. They are very proud and very appreciative of their lots. More updates to come!

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