Thursday, May 23, 2013

Garden Court Apartments in Winnebago Holds Successful Resident Presentation


Garden Court Apartments in Winnebago implemented a smoke-free building policy that will cover 36 apartments within the building, common areas and the 25 foot perimeter of the building on May 15, 2013.  E-cigarettes are also included in the definition of tobacco products. 

Lois Busse, Apartment Manager for Garden Court Apartments is very excited to be able to provide safe and a healthy environment for its 40 residents.  Busse stated “We knew that we had overwhelming support from our residents to go smoke-free.  The survey we conducted this past winter indicated that over 90% wanted our apartment building to be smoke-free or had no preference.  We also have support from the Theis and Talle, Inc, who is the company that owns our building.”

SHIP staff working with Garden Courts, Bonnie Frederickson, stated, “Lois came to one of our lunch and learn events and wanted us to help them implement a policy.  By working with Live Smoke-Free- a non-profit program that promotes smoke-free apartment living throughout Minnesota-we have the support and resources we need to make this great thing happen at Garden Court Apartments.”  Frederickson stated, “We offered a presentation on April 15 at Garden Court Apartments and had 17 residents attend.  They were surprised to learn about all the damage that secondhand smoke does and what is in secondhand smoke.  Residents are supporting management in this new smoke-free policy.”  Busse noted that cleaning out a unit where the resident has smoked is expensive and is hard to remove the smell of smoke. 

Reba Flanders, a resident at Garden Court Apartments is excited about the policy.  She states, “I feel that making this a smoke—free building would protect me and others from breathing the secondhand smoke that is harmful.  Secondhand smoke affects my sinuses and my lungs.  I should not have to be exposed to these unhealthy conditions that affect my body.  We are looking forward to a smoke-free building for everyone.”

Garden Court Apartments will be working with Frederickson and Live Smoke-Free on the components of implementation including the residents lease addendum (outlines the smoke-free policy), enforcement guidelines, signage options to inform visitors and residents on the new policy, community awareness and promotion of the policy.  A celebration of the Garden Court Smoke-free Building Policy was held on May 15.

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