Friday, September 11, 2015

Madelia Community Helps Local Restaurant Choose Healthy Drink Options!

La Plaza Fiesta in Madelia, owned by local, Krystal Hernandez, partnered with FMW SHIP and the Madelia: Rethink Your Drink Project to introduce a new healthier drink options to the menu.  Staff at La Plaza Fiesta
created three fruit-infused water recipes and held a contest with customers to help them decide which flavors should be added to the menu. Throughout the month of July, customers could sample three different fruit-infused water flavors - Cucumber Mint, Berry Blast and Citrus Kiss. Both Berry Blast and Citrus Kiss were favorites among voting customers, so both flavors were added to the menu beginning in August. Patrons can now enjoy  healthy, naturally-sweetened water for less than the price of a soda!
“We are excited to try the fruit-infused waters and see how people like it. We think it will be a great partnership to have with SHIP and will help Madelia stay healthy.”-Krystal Hernandez, La Plaza Fiesta owner.


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