Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Community Food Partnerships Continue to Flourish!

Faribault, Martin & Watonwan counties are considered a food desert by the USDA. A food desert is a location (rural or urban) in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good quality foods.  
Faribault County Community Food Partnership Team Meeting

In 2013, County boards in Faribault, Martin and Watonwan counties passed a Local Foods Resolution that provided a commitment to improving access to local, healthy foods. As a next step, FMW SHIP worked to develop Community Food Partnerships (CFP) in each county, to continue the conversation regarding healthy food access and affordability.

In Faribault County, the CFP has worked to better understand the local food environment and needs of their communities. They have developed an action plan which includes improving grocery store delivery and access to foods for senior citizens, as well as supporting healthy food access at the local food shelves.

In Watonwan County, work has also centered around better understanding their local food environment and developing an action plan that pro-motes better food access for all. Improving community-based agriculture opportunities for local citizens as well working with local establishments to adopt the Eat Well! Healthy Restaurant and Corner Store program are included on their action plan. Additionally, they will also be starting a program to encourage community organizations and businesses to grow edible landscaping in portable containersto act as both a means for food as well as beautification of the community.

Work is just beginning to develop a CFP in Martin County. The group continues to meet and assess the local foods environment using the Minnesota Food Charter as a tool for guiding conversations and assessments.

Martin County Community Food Partnership Team Meeting

Community Food Partnership participants include a wide variety of community partners, such as Chambers of Commerce, schools, community education, restaurants, local growers, the faith community, representation from local food shelves , city and county government and citizens. New partners are always welcome to the table!


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