Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Several Apartment Complexes going Smoke Free in 2017!

Management at Amberfield Place Apartments in Trimont, St. James, Sherburn, and Madelia passed a new policy which prohibits smoking inside their apartment complexes. This change will provide a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment for their 112 units. FMW SHIP teamed up with the American Lung Association to provide technical assistance and support to Amberfield Place with their new smoke-free policy, which includes 100% smoke-free indoor areas and no smoking within 25 feet from the building. Their policy also includes e-cigarettes. The rule will go into effect by July 2017 or sooner, pending tenant signage of the new lease addendum.

On May 4th, 2016, tenants of Amberfield Place, Madelia, attended a meeting on the new smoke-free policy. The meeting was well attended with over fifteen residents coming to learn more about the policy and the benefits of smoke-free housing. Manager, Sylvia Kunz, presented the policy to residents and discussed Amberfield Place’s decision on going smoke-free. With the help of FMW SHIP, residents were able to learn about the benefits of smoke-free housing and given the opportunity to voice their thoughts on the policy.

Amberfield had an overwhelming amount of support for the policy. One resident voiced her support of the policy claiming that the drifting smoke from apartments makes it difficult to breath and forces her to use a CPAP machine. Several others voiced their praises of the units going smoke-free.



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